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WAEC Technical Drawing Questions and Answers 2022 (100% Verified) Theory & Obj Expo Answers


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WAEC Technical Drawing Questions and Answers 2022

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WAEC Technical Drawing Answers

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For Candidates in the Gambia, Nigeria and Sierra Leone only .
Answer three questions only in this section, question l and any other two questions

The diagram on page 3 represents the floor plan of a two bedroom bungalow in line diagram.
All dimensions are in millimeters.
Assume unspecified dimensions.

Study the specifications given below and answer the questions that follow.


675 x 225 concrete strip at a depth of900 below the ground level.

Hardcore filling 200
Concrete slab 150
Mortar screed 25

All walls are 225 sandcrete hollow bricks with 12 mortar rendering on both sides.

D1 – 1200 x 2100 glazed metal door.
D2 – 900 x 2100 flush door with 100 x 75 hardwood timber frame.
D3 – 750 x 2100 flush wooden door with 100 x 75 timber frame.

All windows are glazed aluminum sliding type
W1 – 1500 x 1200
W2 – 600 x 600

225 x 225 reinforced concrete

Gable end roof wills aluminum roofing sheet Eaves projection 750
Pitch – 15″
Height from floor tb ceiling 3000

1. To a scale of 1:50, draw the Section A – A from the foundation to the roof. [40 marks]
2. To a scale of 1:100, draw the floor plan of the building [30 marks]
3. Draw to a scale of 1:100, the following views
i. front elevation,
ii. right side elevation.
[30 marks]
4. Prepare,the door and window schedules using a scale of 1:50. [30 marks]


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Building Construction 3

PC 2016 [100marks] Write your name and index number in ink in the spaces provided above.

This paper consists of two sections. A and B.
Section A should be answered on a drawing paper and Section B in your answer booklet.
Section A should he answered by candidates in Nigeria, Sierra Leone and The Gambia ONLY.
Section B should he answered by candidates In Ghana ONLY.


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