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2022 WAEC Government Essay & OBJ Answers [22nd June]


(i) Autonomous: Rather than serving as an extension of the executive branch of government, the electoral body should be made autonomous.

(ii) Non-implication: The commission’s affairs shouldn’t be impacted by politics.

(iii) Appointment: The commission’s representatives shouldn’t be chosen by the executive branch of government.

(iv) Integrity: Appointees to the commission must possess a track record of honesty and integrity.

(v) Legal support: The commission needs to have sufficient legal protection in order to command the respect and obedience of political parties and candidates.



1.) Historical experience
The historical experience that united all moral groups under one Nigeria is the main justification for Nigeria’s adoption of a federal system of government. Politicians from both the North and the West have repeatedly emphasized that the British, not God, were the ones who founded Nigeria.

Nigeria was made the largest British colony in Africa by the British in their quest for economic prosperity and geopolitical advantages over other Europeans in that continent. Under colonial rule, Nigeria’s political emergence was a difficult process. It developed as a result of the need for managerial expenses and administrative convenience.

Furthermore, it is significant to remember that before colonial rule, the majority of Nigeria’s ethnic groups had close political ties with one another. Social and political ties that existed before the arrival of the white man enrich the histories of the Ijaw, Edo, Igala, Yoruba, Igbo, Nupe, and Hausa Kingdoms. Similar histories have enriched political institutions, familial ties, town origins, and their antecedent cultures. These factors bolster political ties and helped Rice achieve unity in diversity.

2.) Unity of the country
This is another justification for Nigeria’s federal system of government. Federalism was primarily established to promote harmony and peace among the nation’s various regions. Federalism has emerged as a way to accommodate people’s growing desire to preserve or revive the intimacy of small societies and their growing need for larger combinations to mobilize the utilization of common resources in many nations around the world.

The desire of the federation’s constituent parts to unite in regard to some issues is what creates the unity in this situation. A desire to unite is necessary, but it must also be accompanied by a desire to maintain separate positions on other issues. If there is no desire to remain separate, the association will be unitary rather than federal, with some authority being delegated to local government.

3.) Nigeria’s Political culture:
Nigeria’s political culture was a significant additional factor that made federalism necessary in that nation. Evidently, Nigeria’s political culture supported federalism, which led to its simple adoption. Nigeria, as I’ve already stated, is a synthesis of the beliefs and traditions from three distinct geographic areas. Federalism was incorporated into the Nigerian political system because it was the only way to guarantee peace and unity between the leaders and the populace.

The political climate in the US is similarly democratic, republican, and participatory. It represents a synthesis of two viewpoints: one that American politics should produce a prosperous nation, and the other that the main objective of politics is to establish an open political market.

4.) Ethnic, Religious and Geographical Factor

Federalism was adopted for many reasons, including Nigeria’s ethnic, religious, and geographic diversity. This is the case because, in jurisdictions where federal principles are in place, various ethnic groups may have the opportunity to govern themselves within the federating units that they control.

The unification of political units has frequently been facilitated by shared national, racial, religious, cultural, linguistic, or social ties. Communities or classes have been compelled to look for inter-territorial union to protect or strengthen their position in some areas where major communal or other social antagonism cuts across territorial boundaries, ranging through all the federating units.

Some groups are encouraged to support broader federal unions due to concerns about ethnic groups straddling regional boundaries and caste loyalty that extends somewhat across provincial political boundaries. Geographical considerations undoubtedly play a significant role in Nigeria’s federalism. A key component of a geographic unit has been the efficiency of communications links.

5.). Minority Marginalization
The worry of marginalization is a compelling argument in favor of federalism in Nigeria. The colonial masters decided it would be wise to divide Nigeria into various component units that will be represented in the government in order to avoid controlling just a few areas of the large country. This assisted in resolving the issue of leadership marginalization.

The majority state’s support for federating states has, to a large extent, been influenced by the fear of marginalization by the minority in a unitary system of government. Minority states are unable to control the majority-controlled region in a unitary system. Therefore, because it allows for popular participation in government, federalism seemed to be the only choice left for Nigeria. Both the majority and the minority are represented in the government of this country.

6.) Control of Resources:
A federal system in Nigeria has also been justified by the existence of resources in a particular region and the requirement for that region to control those resources. This is related to the specific sharing formula used. Everything belongs to the central government in a unitary constitution that rejects federal principles; the federating unit is nonexistent, let alone engaged in resource control protests. In a system with a federal government, though, that is not the case.


Number (3)
– Rule of Law is Compromised:
The rule of law is compromised as a result of the judiciary’s independence being interfered with. Many people who otherwise wouldn’t get their way through the regular channels are always too eager to rush to the judiciary in an effort to beat the odds. This could permanently undermine the rule of law if not stopped.

– Opens the Floodgates for Mob Justice:
It merely occurs when public law and order are not upheld in accordance with established rules and regulations but rather in accordance with what the public desires at any given time. This opens the floodgates for mob justice. This is a poor precedent that ought never to be established, much less followed.

– Likely to create confusion:
Confusion may result if judicial mandates are inconsistent with or in conflict with legislative ones, which is likely to lead to heavy confusion.

– Highly prone to bias:
In this situation, the judiciary frequently issues decisions that are largely influenced by the lobbyists’ influence rather than those that are truly beneficial to the public. As a result, biases are very likely to exist, especially in favor of those who have the necessary influence. Not to mention the likelihood that corruption and bribery will spread.

– Interferes with the Independence of the Legislature:
Judiciaries should be totally independent and unhindered, interfering with the independence of the legislature. Because of this, they must, for the most part, base their decisions and convictions solely on the evidence presented to them and the laws enacted.


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Number 1

1.Bribery and corruption: Some public employees steal money from the government to put their own pockets first. Property intended for public use has been converted to their use. In fact, some people require a sufficient bribe before they will effectively carry out their routine tasks. The public may no longer have faith in the government as a result.

2. Poor service conditions: The salaries of civil servants are not competitive. Promotions also move slowly. The public will unquestionably lose faith in the government.

3. If the political power in charge of the government fails to carry out its manifesto, that is yet another factor that will make citizens lust for trust in any government.

4. Tribalism, favoritism, and nepotism: Some important promotions and appointments to top positions in government agencies are not based on merit but rather on favoritism and tribalism, which gives friends, relatives, and other close associates preferential treatment.

5. Finally, the presidential candidate and his executives are incompetent. That is, if the three branches of the government are not obstructing justice in violation of the law. The public’s faith in the government will decline



(i) A government is an administrative institution within a state, whereas a state is a territorial association of people with clearly defined borders.

(ii) A state is larger and more inclusive than a government because it embraces all individuals and organizations within a given region, whereas a government does not.

(iii) A state is a persistent entity therefore, it is irreversible. It is difficult to overthrow or alter. while the government is a transient organization. It only persists for a while. It may be removed.

(iv) The government is necessary for a state to function. While the government is the apparatus used to carry out a state’s duties.

(v) A state has its own constituent parts, including its population, its territory, its


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(i) Dispute resolution: The traditional kings and queens carried out some judicial duties by resolving disputes.

(ii) Law enforcement institutions, such as age divisions and masquerade balls, were created.

(iii) The use of ancestral spirits: Traditional rulers employed ancestral spirits to maintain control over their subjects.

(iv) The use of sanctions and penalties: These measures, such as exile, were used against lawbreakers.

(v) The introduction of rewards: People who had helped their areas develop were given titles or the distribution of land and war loot as rewards.


1. Every adult citizen has the right to vote in elections, on a non-discriminatory basis.

(2) Every adult citizen has the right to access to an effective, impartial and non-discriminatory procedure for the registration of voters.

(3) No eligible citizen shall be denied the right to vote or disqualified from registration as a voter, otherwise than in accordance with objectively verifiable criteria prescribed by law, and provided that such measures are consistent with the State’s obligations under international law.

(4) Every individual who is denied the right to vote or to be registered as a voter shall be entitled to appeal to a jurisdiction competent to review such decisions and to correct errors promptly and effectively.

(5) Every voter has the right to equal and effective access to a polling station in order to exercise his or her right to vote.

(6) Every voter is entitled to exercise his or her right equally with others and to have his or her vote accorded equivalent weight to that of others.

(7) The right to vote in secret is absolute and shall not be restricted in any manner whatsoever.


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E-government is the use of technological communications devices, such as computers and the Internet, to provide public services to citizens and other persons in a country or region.

– Inclusive Governance: E-governance helps in building trust between governments and citizens, an essential factor in good governance by using internet-based strategies to involve citizens in the policy process, illustrating government transparency and accountability.

– Easy and Quick Implementation: With e-government, paperwork has been made so simple and intuitive. This facilitates sharing of information and ideas between all government agencies and department to build one mega data base. Getting the government decisions and policies across to the citizens is easy as well, since e-government gives every citizen access to information.

– High Operational Efficiency: What matters a lot to citizens is the efficiency of the services being provided. The effectiveness of government is measured by the quality of its interactions with citizens. The processing of paperwork in a traditional government system is a difficult task which consumes a lot of resources; time spent on paperwork does not create much value for citizens.

– High Level of Trust on Government: For any government to survive or maintain or keep control of power, such government must win the trust of the majority of the citizens. E-government can always afford that for any government that embraces it.

– Reduces Costs of Running a Government: E-government is very cost effective. Let’s take for example that government wants to seek a public opinion on an issue, with e-government system it can take a survey and the opinion very fast at extremely low cost. That also applies when government would want to capture some data


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