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Npower Batch C1 January And February Stipends Payment News

Today’s Npower Batch C1 January And February Stipends Payment News

In Today’s Npower Batch C1 January And February Stipends Payment News – Batch C (Stream 1) Beneficiaries of Npower Programme should expect their next payment soon.

According to the information gathered, the Npower management Nasims has recommenced the payment of December Stipends early today 1st March 2022 after a long period of PROCESSING. Nasims said, While we don’t take pleasure in the delay, all unpaid Beneficiaries for the month of December will definitely get their payment.

They congratulate you for the patience observed during the payment process of December stipends, and are informing you that payment of January and February stipends is due to commence soon. Note that the rectification and payment of backlogs is still ongoing.

The payment of January and February stipends which is currently being reviewed, will as usual commence with the initial month, then immediately proceed to the later. You are advised to keep your accounts validated.

For Beneficiaries having a failed stipends payment, be aware that as stated beforehand, all failed payments will be sorted out and payment made to the affected Beneficiaries. If you have successfully received previous payment through the same account, you have nothing to worry about.

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If you have complaints or comments regarding payment, you can use the comment section below below:


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