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Massachusetts Online Master’s Degree Programs 2022

Massachusetts Online Master’s Degree Programs 2022

Are you looking for online masters degree program in Massachusetts? If yes, then you are on the right page. Continue reading to see a list of schools that offer Master’s Degree Programs Online in Massachusetts 2022.

Residents of Massachusetts with a bachelor’s degree can take advantage of numerous options for earning a master’s degree online without having to relocate or commute to a college or university. Many of the most common areas of graduate study, such as business, computer science, healthcare, and social work, have online master’s programs.

In Massachusetts, most public and private colleges and universities offer online master’s programs in one or more fields of study. Residents of Massachusetts can also look into a variety of options for earning a master’s degree online from schools in other states, many of which accept Massachusetts residents.

We provide an overview of public and non-profit private degree-granting institutions in Massachusetts that offer online master’s programs in common areas of graduate study, as well as schools in neighboring states.

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Massachusetts Schools That offer Online Master’s Degree Programs

We created this ranking of Massachusetts’ Best Online Colleges with the goal of assisting people who are typical prospective online college students: working professionals with busy schedules who are also trying to balance a budget. So, while we considered the academic quality of online colleges when ranking them, we also kept a close eye on the cost. More specifically, we’ve calculated a “return on investment” score that compares tuition to graduates’ expected early-career earnings. That way, you’ll know whether the money you pay up front will be worthwhile in the long run. With that, feel free to scroll down and explore!

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Top 15 Best Online Colleges in Massachusetts

Boston University (BU) Boston Yes
Northeastern University Boston Yes
Harvard University Cambridge Yes
Boston College (BC) Chestnut Hill Yes
Tufts University Medford Yes
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Cambridge Yes
Suffolk University Boston Yes
MCPHS University Boston Yes
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) Worchester Yes
Berklee College of Music Boston Yes
Simmons University Boston Yes
Brandeis University Waltham Yes
Bentley University Waltham Yes
Lesley University Cambridge Yes
Endicott College


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What kind of Massachusetts Online College should you enroll in?

20 Most in-demand online courses in Nigeria and their providers

We appear to have narrowed down a few criteria: you want an advanced degree, you want to earn it in Massachusetts, and you want to take classes online. Great! That’s fine by us!

Of course, you don’t have to live in the same city (or even the same state!) as the college to enroll in an online program, but many schools offer in-state students discounts on tuition, including for online programs. Furthermore, where you study influences the educational and professional networks that will help you succeed in the future. So, while location isn’t everything, it does factor into the equation.

How much money can you make with a degree from a Massachusetts Online College?

Let’s get one thing straight right away: earning a degree online won’t make you any less money in the long run… or more, for that matter! In the end, earning a college diploma in Massachusetts is one way to ensure a stable career and a steady income. Overall, Massachusetts has a median income that is $15k higher than the national average. Having an advanced degree, on the other hand, only increases your chances of being in the top 1% of earners..

Indeed, according to, the average bachelor’s degree holder in Massachusetts earns between $62k and $71k. People with a master’s degree earn an average of $81k per year. Those figures may vary by a few thousand dollars, but the main point is that you’ll be able to make a decent living in Massachusetts once you graduate.

What can you do with a degree from a Massachusetts Online College?

Which type of Massachusetts Online master’s program you should consider depends on your personal goals. If you want to continue your education or prepare for the workforce, there are several reasons to consider a master’s program. The Master of Arts, or MA, is one type of master’s program. An MA degree concentrates on topics in the arts and humanities. The primary distinction between an MA and an MS is the field of study. MA programs are more likely to focus on the arts and humanities, whereas MS programs are more likely to focus on technical subjects like business and STEM.

An advanced degree can open doors for you that you didn’t even know were closed, whether you earn it the “traditional” way or online. If you already have an idea of what industry or sector you want to work in, go for it! However, if you’re having trouble deciding on a career path, we can assist you!

Earnings from a master’s degree could increase by up to $ per week. According to the BLS, the median weekly earnings for those with a master’s degree were $, compared to $ for those with a bachelor’s degree.

With so many options to choose from, it’s critical to do your homework to ensure you’re getting the best Online education in Massachusetts for your needs.

The Boston Business Journal recently published a list of Massachusetts’ top 25 most in-demand jobs. This could be a great place to start when making a big decision. You can relax now, knowing that your degree will lead to a job offer as soon as you graduate. Here are a few examples of the jobs on the list:

  • Teacher Assistants
  • Accountants and Auditors
  • Information Technology Managers
  • Industrial Engineers

Massachusetts 15 Most Common Fields for Master’s Degree Studies has identified the 15 most common areas of master’s-level study in Massachusetts based on data collected by the Department of Education for its IPEDS system. We discovered that students in Massachusetts commonly pursue master’s degrees in the following fields based on data on the number of graduates from master’s programs offered by Massachusetts schools:

  1. Business Administration and Management
  2. Social Work
  3. Education
  4. Business/Commerce
  5. Accounting
  6. Special Education and Teaching
  7. Public Administration
  8. International Business/Trade/Commerce
  9. Mental Health Counseling/Counselor
  10. Computer Science
  11. Mechanical Engineering
  12. Public Health
  13. Family Practice Nurse/Nursing
  14. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  15. Management Science


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